The Long Ending of Mark

Mark 16 is one of the most awesome chapters in the entire New Testament.  It tells us how Jesus rose from the dead (v.1-8), and how he appeared to Mary Magdalene and a couple other disciples (9-13).  It tells us how he commissioned his apostles to preach the gospel and baptize (14-16), and how the … Continue reading The Long Ending of Mark

It Pleased The Father

By my counting, the popular website lists no less than about 50 different English translations of the Bible.  These days it seems like everyone is using a different translation of the Bible and arguing over which version is the best, is the easiest to understand, is the closest to the original Greek, and so … Continue reading It Pleased The Father

Hungry? Don’t Read KJV!

I noticed something the other day as I was studying.  One day Jesus' disciples tried to cast out a devil but couldn't.  After Jesus had successfully cast the devil out, the disciples asked him why they were unable to.  In Mark 9:29 Jesus gave them the answer: "And he said unto them, This kind can … Continue reading Hungry? Don’t Read KJV!