Lectionary partners with Acts238Radio, an online station that streams Christian music 24/7.  Not only does Acts238Radio offer the best in Apostolic worship music (from groups like the Urshan College Choir and IBC), but sermon and devotional podcasts are also uploaded regularly.  At various times Acts238Radio has even done live broadcasts of the Heartland Spring Conference in Malden, Missouri.  In all, Acts238Radio has a listening audience that spans over 55 countries!  This station is an awesome resource with an awesome back-story.

Vernon House, Acts238Radio himself!

Acts238Radio was founded by my friend Vernon House while he was pastoring a church in Perryville, Missouri.  He was inspired by his father, who had a broadcast called “The Bread of Life” on AM 1010 in the 1970s.  The example of his father lead Bro. House to set up an online station that was not confined by radio signals.  In February of 2011, Vernon’s dream became reality.  By making Acts238Radio an online venue, Christian worship can go anywhere the internet is!

Now Acts238Radio reaches from coast to coast and around the world, uplifting believers in over 55 countries with non-stop streaming of Spirit-filled music and with podcasts of Biblical teaching.  At Lectionary, we recommend Acts238Radio to anyone who wants more worship music in their daily life.

Go to www.acts238radio.com now to listen to their podcasts and their awesome Apostolic worship music.  And as my friend Vernon says, “Crank it up!”