In a Facebook forum that I belong to, one of the members asked this question: since all Christian doctrines are important, which ones are essential for our theology and preaching?

Below is my list of six essential doctrines of the Christian Faith.

1) salvation by grace alone through faith alone, via the atoning work of Christ alone. Rom5:1-2, Eph2:8-9, Acts4:12

2) the necessity of water baptism by immersion in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins. Acts2:38, Mk16:16, John3:1-5, 1Pet3:21

3) the necessity of Spirit baptism in the life of a believer. Rom8:9, John3:1-8, Acts19:1-2, Lk11:13

4) the belief in one personal God—the Father—manifested in his Son the Lord Jesus Christ; from which Father God proceeds the Holy Ghost, his Spirit and the Spirit of his Son. 1Cor8:6, Deut6:4, John15:26, Gal4:6, Matt10:20, John4:24

5) the belief in the resurrection, ascension, and return of Jesus Christ. Acts1:1-11

6) the sanctification of the believer in body, soul, and spirit. 1Thess5:23, 2Cor6:17

Is there something on the list you think shouldn’t be? Is there something not on the list that you think should be? I’d love to dialogue about any or all of these. Hopefully we are all putting some thought into what we think about God; because what we think about him determines the way we worship him and live for him.

2 thoughts on “Six Essential Doctrines

  1. Thanks for your Six Essential Doctrines. I appreciate your writings. I must ask, however, in this article what you mean by the word ´´essential?´´ Essential for what? Your first point´´ salvation by grace alone through faith alone, via the atoning work of Christ alone. Rom5:1-2, Eph2:8-9, Acts4:12´´ means exactly what it says. Receiving this scripture is an essential result of the gospel.

    Next you say that water baptism remits sins . But how can this be? Our sins were deal with at the cross. As the Master proclaimed, It is Finished. If his saving acts at Calvary finished the work then we can not possibly add to same by any acts of obedience of our own. Baptism does not contribute to the accomplished salvation of Calvary. Consider this. When a soldier is given a medal for bravery, the medal does not make the soldier brave. He gets the medal because he was brave. So it is with baptism for the remission of sins. We are baptized in the name of Jesus because our sins are gone.

    Then u bring to our attention the necessity of Spirit Baptism… I would ask for your definition of ´´necessity.´´ If by this we mean a second work of grace then we have abandoned the Gospel. There is but one God, Christ Jesus and we are baptized into him by his Spirit. It is finished! Rom 6.3

    Gospel Blessings to you



    1. Miles,
      I see where you’re coming from, but the scriptures force me to disagree with you. I am working on a couple of projects at the moment, but I will write an article responding to your comment as soon as I am able.


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