I am not the sort of person who likes asking for help. Usually, I try to be the person giving help instead of needing it. That said, a friend of mine pointed out to me recently that refusing to ask for help is a form of pride—and pride is sin. And so I am going to lay my pride aside, humble myself, and ask you my readers for help.

I am currently working on my PhD in Historical Theology (early church history). At the end of every semester, we have a final comprehensive exam over a pre-determined reading list. While the Lord has blessed me and all my bills are paid, I do not have enough money to purchase nearly any of the books on my reading list.

I could check out these books from the university library, but this has several disadvantages. For one thing, several of the books on my reading list are unavailable at my library and have to be requested from another institution. They can take quite a while to come in, and this reduces the length of time I get to study for this (very important!) exam. For another thing, I can only keep a book for a certain amount of time after requesting it, which further reduces my study-window. But perhaps most vexing, I cannot underline or make marginal notes, since the book belongs to the library. This greatly reduces my efficiency at studying.

On the other hand, by purchasing the books, I am able to build my library and have them for future reference. This will not only enrich my academic writing, but also this blog which you faithful readers so lovingly support. By having these academic sources to look back on, I will be able to better provide you readers with quality discussion of the Scripture and the history of Christianity.

If you are willing, would you consider buying one of the books on my reading list for me? You can find my reading list here.

I understand that not everyone will be able (or willing) to purchase a book, and that is ok. I will still do my best to provide my readers with quality Biblical/historical content. But if you can support my research, I would greatly appreciate it! God bless, and thank you for reading my blog!

UPDATE 10/16/2020: All of the books that I need for this semester have been purchased! Many people bought book a book or two, and one brother felt led to purchase all the remaining books on my list (over $1100 worth of books)! To all these people, and especially this great show of generosity, I say thank you. I owe all of you a debt that I cannot pay, and I am humbled by your generosity. If the Lord will help me, one day I will pass on this generosity to future Apostolic scholars. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you to bless me. I pray that God repays you all sevenfold!

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